Training, knowledge, and gaining experience are the first steps towards success. We invite you to take this step.

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Training, knowledge, and gaining experience are the first steps towards success. We invite you to take this step.

Since 1987, Mavili Electronics has been focusing all its energy solely on fire and gas detection systems, specializing in this field. As Mavili Academy, we aim to share the vast knowledge and experience we have gained over the years in fire and gas detection systems with our employees, solution partners, and stakeholders. We all take pride in recognizing how much difference embracing training and quality can make in every endeavor and sharing the value of expertise with the world.

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To request training, you should review the training sessions on the training calendar page and fill out the application form for the training you want to attend. After the evaluation process, you will be contacted.

The duration of the training programs varies depending on the type of training you request. You can find detailed information by reviewing the training sessions on the training calendar page.

There is a mandatory attendance requirement for all classes in the program. However, in special cases, with the knowledge and approval of the academy, exceptions may be granted, or it may be advised that you attend the next training session.

Our training sessions are conducted full-time with theoretical classroom training and practical workshop training, depending on the type of training.

Exams are conducted using multiple-choice test methods, although written exams may also be applied by our instructors from time to time.

The number of exams varies depending on the training sessions.

The required passing grade will be communicated to you by our instructors.

Exam results will be communicated to you via email.

Successful participants in the training are awarded a certificate of achievement by our academy.

Yes, you have one more opportunity to attend.

Our training sessions are free of charge.

A webinar is an online seminar that you can participate in via the internet using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

No, Mavili Academy webinars are completely free.

There are no prerequisites for participating in Mavili Academy webinars. Anyone interested can apply to attend.

Mavili Academy webinars last for 30 minutes.

Mavili Academy webinars are held every Thursdat at 11:00 AM, covering different topics each time.

Certificates are not provided to participants at the end of Mavili Academy webinars.